Trusted Partners Referral Form

    This referral route is no longer active.

    During the Pandemic, when we were forced to close our doors, we set up online ‘trusted partners’ referral process to ensure those most in need were able to access our services. Since then we have developed multiple access routes into the service in our endeavours to be assessable to all but we have found that with the continued unprecedented levels of demand are causing a gridlock effect at the point of referral so we have taken the decision to review our referral position to ensure it is fair and balanced. Late last year National Citizens Advice introduced a new tool that enables referrals to be made direct into our national CRM "Casebook". We adopted this process in a pilot and are pleased to say it has been successful. This new process has made the client journey much smoother, helped to remove inefficient administrative processes and provides a safe, consistent and GDPR compliant referral process for our specialist paid partnerships. For context - Casebook is an encrypted system accessible only to Citizens Advice, and anyone who uses Casebook or accesses information through it is bound by our confidentiality and acceptable use of ICT policies and procedures. Casebook is monitored and regulated closely both internally and by national CA, and information is only recorded if and when clients consent for us to do so.

    Since the pilot we have reviewed our existing referral practices and consider them to be inefficient and of higher risk when compared to the straight to Casebook method.

    For the reasons above we have taken the decision to phase out our current referral processes and these will no longer be accessible from 15th May 2023.

    However, please note that in a bid to better manage demand, and to make sure everyone has access to our service in a fair and balanced way, we can only offer the new referral process to partners funding a specialist service. Partners who provide grant funding for our generalist service will need to signpost people needing our help using the links at the bottom of this email.

    I understand this may be disappointing but the level of complexity, number of issues and sheer demand we face far exceeds our resource. While we want to help as many people as possible, we must ensure that our clients experience the highest quality of advice and the best possible service.

    If you would like details on how you can signpost and to help your clients to access our services themselves, please see our website for more details.

    Local website, details on our services and funded projects below.

    Our Local Freephone Adviceline.

    0808 27 87 999

    We are launching a new email advice service from 15th May 2023 and this will be accessed through our website an email contact form.

    National Citizens Advice Public Site - for self-help information, national webchat and email services.