About us:

We are a merged organisation covering just under 50% of Devon, we support some of the most rural and deprived areas across the South West through a combination of volunteer lead and paid resourced services. We deliver high-quality advice via telephone and digital channels as well as face to face services accessible to all who live in Torridge, North, Mid or West Devon. We are a regulated debt advice firm and consistently score green across the board in quality of advice and our people management surveys. We are a growing organisation seeking individuals who have a strong desire to help others, develop their own skills and knowledge and make a career within the third sector. We are a responsible and compassionate employer who puts the welfare and development of our people at the forefront of everything we do.

Our vacancies are listed on the link below, with full job descriptions, person specifications and application links.

We have paid opportunities available.

Team Leader

Location: Okehampton

Trainee Assessors (advertised as Customer Service Assessor)

Location: North Devon/Torridge based

Human Resources and Learning and Development Manager

Location: Torridge, North, Mid or West Devon

We off Flexible/Hybrid working, Enhanced sick pay, Loyalty based holiday entitlement and organisation close down between Christmas and New Year in addition to other enhancements (eligibility required). Cycle to work scheme, 3% employer auto enrolment contribution (where applicable) and a commitment to wellbeing of our workforce and commitment to learning and development of all staff. Click on the link below for full details and application form.

Our Volunteering Opportunities

Advice and Information roles
We offer extensive training for all our roles which is supported by our training team through a combination of online and in office learning. No previous experience is required – just a desire to help others, work as part of a team and learn new skills.

Our assessors are usually the first point of contact clients will have when contacting the service.  Assessors explore the issues presented, carry out research to find information and advice for clients and identify any areas that require additional support.

Assessors will:

  • Talk to clients face-to-face, over the telephone, or via chat and email to understand more about the problems they are facing
  • Find advice and information for clients from our public site to help resolve their issue
  • Outline what will happen next for the client within the organisation if further support is needed, and make necessary arrangements, such as booking appointments; refer them to a specialist service or arrange a follow-up telephone call from a generalist adviser for further detailed advice and support.
  • Identify any emergency action required
  • Write a summary of the case and what information and advice has been given
  • Look out for any issues that may be causing unfairness and injustice and report these to help us campaign for change.

Generalist Adviser

The Generalist Adviser role builds on the Assessor role and so in addition to the above, involves providing full, detailed and comprehensive advice and assistance to our clients.

A Generalist Adviser will also:

  • Explore further details regarding client’s issues of concern and research further information
  • Review documents and evidence pertaining to a query for further information
  • Coach and empower clients to take action, resolve problems and take next steps themselves where possible
  • Provide assisted information, advice and support to tackle client’s problems
  • Answer questions across all areas of advice, using their knowledge of processes and legislation and our online advisor resource pages to outline options available to clients.
  • Take complex generic information and tailor it to the client’s specific situation, presented in a way client’s can understand based on their capability.
  • Give practical assistance, such as letter-writing, form-filling and benefit checks.
  • Write to third parties such as the DWP, employers, and local councils on behalf of clients, to help facilitate outcomes.

Form Filler

A form filler’s roles includes:
· Completing paper and online forms with clients, for example to apply for a benefit, or to complete an application for money or equipment from a charity.
· Writing a summary of the clients’ problems and what action you’ve taken.
· Looking out for problems’ that are common, or are unfair, and write a short report about the problem or a letter to an elected official like an MP, AM or local councillor.

Personal skills/attributes that a form filler needs:
· Be friendly and approachable.
· Be non-judgmental and respect views, values and cultures that are different to your own.
· Have good listening skills.
· Have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
· Have good maths and IT skills.
· Be able to understand information and explain it to others.
· Be willing to learn about and follow the Citizens Advice aims, principles and policies, including confidentiality and data protection.
· Be willing to undertake training in your role.

We offer opportunities to all our staff and volunteers to specialise in certain advice topics.
This could range from Tribunal Representation, Debt work, to Casework in Welfare Benefits, Housing and Employment.
There is a significant training requirement and commitment with these more advanced roles but if you want to find out more please get in touch our recruitment team on recruitment@ruraldevoncab.org.uk

Non advice roles:

Office Support Volunteers

Office Support Volunteers are the first point of contact clients will have when coming to the service in person at the local office.  The role’s purpose is to triage a client’s case, by exploring their issue of concern, identifying the areas of support they need and identifying any priorities or emergencies.

You will:

  • Talk to clients face-to-face when they call in to one of our open sessions at the local office
  • Find initial information that may assist clients, signposting them to webpages or other organisations as appropriate.
  • Outline what will happen next for the client within Citizens Advice if they do need further support, and make necessary arrangements, such as booking appointments or referring them to a Citizens Advice specialist service.
  • Identify any emergency action required.
  • Write a summary of the case and what action has been taken
  • Look out for any issues that may be causing unfairness and injustice and report these to help us campaign for change.

Research and Campaigns:

In addition to Citizens Advice Torridge, North, Mid and West Devon’s first aim, to provide free, confidential, impartial advice to everyone in the community, the second twin aim of the organisation is to campaign for change to improve people’s lives.

Our Research & Campaigns team use information and data collected from the issues brought to us by clients, using this to undertake crucial campaign work in order to influence social policy, both locally and nationally.

The activities that a member of the Research & Campaigns team may undertake are:

  • Identifying common, or unfair, problems that clients come for help about.
  • Completing and collating evidence forms that record information about these problems clients experience.
  • Working with other members of the Research & Campaigns team to share information and raise campaigns issues.
  • Identifying issues requiring attention, raising these within Citizens Advice Torridge, North, Mid and West Devon and at relevant meetings.
  • Helping volunteers and staff to identify particular issues; assisting them with understanding the causes of the problems, how they affect clients, and what changes would solve these problems.
  • Helping to support volunteers and staff in spotting particular issues and completing evidence forms.
  • Helping to organise campaigns with the aim of raising awareness of particular problems or issues. This could involve creating materials which could be used to explain the problems to others, such as local MP’s, councillors, government or members of the public.
  • Helping to organise campaigns with the aim of getting the organisation that has been identified as causing a problem, to change the way they do things. This could mean meeting with organisations, people or elected bodies, writing to them or holding events to campaign for change.
  • Media campaigning and liaising with other organisations and agencies to provide a voice for clients.
  • Helping national Citizens Advice carry out research about how certain issues affecting clients in the local area. For example, this could involve doing client surveys to find out how changes in certain issue areas are affecting them.

Fundraising and events volunteer:

This is an ad-hoc volunteering role which does not require a regular weekly commitment.  If you enjoy meeting new people, helping to plan events and are willing to help raise funds for and promote our charity then this could be the role for you.

This role may include:

  • Attending local events and store collections which includes sharing information and collecting donations.
  • Helping to organise fundraising or promotional events to raise money or promote services in the local community and encourage other volunteers and staff to get involved.
  • Working with the community events team to prepare and source materials and activities for future events


Overview of the role:
Our Trustees provide strategic direction and oversight to the charity, to help us deliver on our dual mission of advice and advocacy. As a Trustee, you will help improve the lives of Torridge, North, Mid and West Devon residents and bring your perspective and good judgement to our Trustee Board.

To volunteer as a Trustee, you will be part of a Board, which:

  • Sets policy and strategy direction, defines priorities and goals, sets targets and evaluates performance against them
  • Seeks the views of all sections of the community and monitors how well the service meets those needs
  • Holds the executive to account for the delivery of the strategy, offering purposeful, constructive scrutiny and challenge
  • Ensures that risks are properly recognised and mitigated
  • Ensures that Citizens Advice Torridge, North, Mid and West Devon complies with its governing document and charity and company law
  • Ensures that our organisation pursues its charitable objects and applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of them
  • Maintains proper financial oversight
  • Maintains proper oversight of the paid staff and volunteer workforce
  • Draws up and monitors the implementation of internal policies
  • Maintains effective Board performance and ensures the effective and efficient administration of the charity
  • Promotes Citizens Advice Torridge, North, Mid and West Devon and acts in the best interests of the charity.

If you would like to have an informal conversation about any of our volunteering or paid opportunities then please email recruitment@ruraldevoncab.org.uk