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We know that our services are in high demand, and we’ve been looking at ways to help our local clients access information as quickly as possible. We have developed this page to answer some of the questions that we get asked the most by our local clients.

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> Are your offices open?

> My landlord is trying to evict me, what do I do?

> My landlord won't do any repairs to my home, what can I do?

> I am struggling with rising energy costs, what can I do?

> I am too ill to work, what help can I get?

> My benefits have been stopped, what can I do?

> The bailiffs are coming, what can I do?

> What are Personal Independence Payments (PIP)?

> What is Attendance Allowance (AA)?

> I want to complain about a health or social care provider, how can I do this?

> I am caring for someone, what help can I get?

> Someone close to me has died, what do I do next?

> My partner and I are splitting up, where do I start?

> Do I have to pay a parking fine?